Sidekiq is too fast / Multiverse Ruby

Fri, 07 Jul 2023 19:00 - 21:30 JST

Impact Hub Tokyo

東京都目黒区目黒2-11-3 印刷工場1階


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Drop by and catch up with your fellow Rubyists. Please note, the doors will close at 19:30, so please arrive before then.

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Thanks to TokyoDev, our catering sponsor, we're going to serve a freshly cooked meal.


  • Salad with two kinds of dressing
  • Roast beef
  • Chicken jambalaya and vegan version
  • Pickled summer vegetables
  • Kiwi and orange marinated with sansho pepper
  • Mushroom and garlic potato salad
  • Fresh fruit

19:30 〜 20:00 Sidekiq is too fast - Thomas Brennetot

While creating a feature for the data team, Thomas embarked on a journey into background jobs, discovering the blazing speed of Sidekiq and some less known features of ActiveRecord.


Engineer from France. Living in Japan for 9 years. He worked as a backend engineer primarily with Ruby on Rails, and is also knowledgeable of the front-end. Thomas is always looking into keeping applications safe by upgrading Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and gems to newer or latest versions. He emphasizes clean, tested, and re-usable code.

20:00 〜 20:30 Multiverse Ruby - Chris Salzberg

Sharing code in Ruby is like sharing stuff on the web: grab a top-level name that's free, park your stuff under it, and point to the address. Like the Internet, Ruby's constant namespace is global and reachable from anywhere.

But although it feels natural, there are serious downsides to this approach. Working in a single, shared universe makes namespace pollution a necessary fact of life; boundaries and code isolation depend on the good manners of every maintainer in your Gemfile.

In this talk, I present a gem called Im that lets you share your code without touching the global namespace at all. A fork of Zeitwerk, Im leverages new features in Ruby 3.2 to load constants onto namespaces whose roots are anonymous.

Loading this way positions each unit of code at the center of its own universe, free from name conflicts and isolated from the rest of the world. We explore how this freedom impacts the writing and sharing of code, and the benefits it unlocks for designing applications at scale.


Rubyist and writer from Montreal living and working in Hakodate, Japan. I'm the author of Mobility, a pluggable translation framework for Ruby, and a committer to many open-source projects including Rails. I am a Staff engineer in the Ruby and Rails Infrastructure team at Shopify.

20:30 〜 21:30 Open Networking

Discuss the presentations or anything else Ruby related with the other attendees.

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