Rails Performance / Puma & Rails in containers

Wed, 04 Oct 2023 19:00 - 21:30 JST

Impact Hub Tokyo

東京都目黒区目黒2-11-3 印刷工場1階


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About the entrance

The entrance for tonight's event at Le Wagon is a bit different than at previous events. You'll be able to come in via the pair of double doors pictured below.


The doors will be locked, but there will be someone to let you in.


19:00 〜 19:15 Doors open

Drop by and catch up with your fellow Rubyists. Please note, the doors will close at 19:30, so please arrive before then.

19:15 〜 19:30 Catering served

We'll serve a freshly cooked meal. The menu is

  • 4 types of open sandwiches
  • Autumn salad
  • Roast pork
  • Spicy vegan "meat"
  • Marinated vegetables
  • Bean salad
  • Tortilla chips
  • Seasonal fruits

19:30 〜 20:00 A Spy's Guide to Sabotaging Rails Application Performance - Nate Berkopec

Have you ever wanted to make a Rails application as slow as possible? Let's talk about all the ways you can sabotage a Rails application to make it so slow that no one will ever want to use it again!


Nate is the author of The Complete Guide to Rails Performance, and a co-maintainer of Puma. Nate teaches, trains and consults with companies around the world on making Rails apps as fast and scalable as possible.

20:00 〜 20:30 Puma & Rails in containers - Alexander Nicholson

Learn about using Puma with Rails in containers. We'll discuss advantages of using containers, highlighting the consistency, scalability, and isolation they offer, but also discuss common pitfalls of using containers that we fell into at TableCheck. The talk will have an emphasis on the importance of fine-tuning configurations for both Rails and Puma when using containers to ensure optimal resource utilization, responsiveness, and scalability.


Alexander Nicholson is a seasoned Site Reliability Engineer based in Tokyo, currently employed at TableCheck. His expertise spans across SRE, Data Operations, and AI. With a knack for scaling SRE platforms and teams, Alexander is an aficionado of Kubernetes, particularly AWS EKS and Helm, and is well-versed in container technologies like Docker, containerd, and Firecracker.

As an AWS maestro, he engages in AWS tasks daily, boasting extensive experience in public cloud platforms, serverless development, and bare metal engineering. Beyond this, Alexander's developer side shines through; he's proficient in utilising ML (Python) and web frameworks (Ruby / Sinatra) to build customer-centric products. He's also dabbled in Rust and Elixir.

20:30 〜 21:30 Open Networking

Discuss the presentations or anything else Ruby related with the other attendees.

Volunteers wanted!

We're recruiting volunteers to help out with checking in participants. Detailed instructions will follow, but basically you'll need to be available from 18:30 to 19:30, but can otherwise enjoy the event as a participant!

About the attendance fee

Tokyo Rubyist Meetup is a not for profit event. The fee you pay to attend helps cover the cost of the food we provide, and also ensures that we don't get a large number of no shows. We want people to be able to participate regardless of their financial situation, and so offer two ticket options. Choose whatever you feel is appropriate for yourself.

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