Pair Programming Session

Sun, 21 Oct 2012 13:00 - 20:30 JST

HatchUp TechBuzz Space



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This event will be something I have wanted to try for a while: a pair programming event. I first got the idea after Minato Ruby Kaigi, where they had a "Social Coding" session, which consisted of assigning a partner who you would work on solving a ruby programming challenge with. Working on a programming problem with a developer I hadn't met before was fun and rewarding.

We are lucky to have Johnny Mukai, who presented at Sapporo Ruby Kaigi and works for Pivotal Labs in New York, give an introduction to pair programming and help coach the event.

After the main event, will have all you can drink and eat Shabu-Shabu.

Because of the limited space I am only accepting pre-payment for this event.

What to bring

  • Laptop with Ruby installed on it
  • USB keyboard (Johnny suggests having an extra keyboard helps when pairing)


1:00Doors Open
1:30Presentation about pair programming
2:001st Pair Programming Session
3:30Present Solutions
4:002nd Pair Programming Session
5:30Present Solutions


Will we use Ruby on Rails, or regular Ruby?

We won't use Ruby on Rails, or any related technologies. Instead, we'll solve programming challenges similar to those found at the Ruby Quiz.

The problems I've chosen are open-ended enough that Ruby beginners shouldn't be frustrated by them, while Ruby vetrans can still be challenged.

What version of Ruby is required?

Although it is possible to use an older Ruby version, we will target Ruby 1.9.3.

Are any special tools or libraries required?

The problems are solvable using only Ruby and the standard library.

The problem descriptions will be published via github, so please have git installed.

If you create a github account, you will have the opportunity to share your solutions with others.

I don't know how to install Ruby / git...

Please come to the event at 13:00 and we will try to help you.

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