One Year Anniversary Party

Wed, 14 Sep 2011 19:00 - 23:00

Venue 株式会社ECナビ 渋谷ファーストプレイス8F 東京都渋谷区神泉町8-16

50 participants Jean-Daniel Bussy Tadashi Sawada Shiratsuchi Kei N Heinrichs おぐら じゅんや Masahiro Nishimi おおかゆか Hiroshi Asakura Masayoshi Takahashi Alex Williams Matsuo Aiga Yuki Torii Shintaro Kakutani 安村康平 Satoshi Ebisawa Waldemar Quevedo みかみよしゆき + 33 more participants

Registration for this event is closed.

¥1,000 prepaid / ¥1,500 at the door

As of September, it will have been one year since the the first Tokyo Rubyist Meetup. To celebrate, we'll have a party. Please join us for some discussion about Ruby, and a chance to meet other Rubyists from all over the world.

EC Navi will host us for the second time at their company bar, AJITO, and will provide drinks.  We'll also order food, for which we'll collect an entrance fee.

Warning about the Venue:
- From 7pm, the front doors will no longer open automatically from the outside. Wait for someone to come out, and then you can go in.
-- From 9pm, the front door will be locked, so please make sure you arrive before then.

- 19時以降は正面の自動ドアが外からは開きません。中から人が出てくるのを待つか裏に回れば入れます。
-- 21時以降は裏も外からは開きませんので、ご了承下さい。