Client / Server Team-up: Pairing Ruby on Rails with iOS

Sat, 23 Mar 2013 13:00 - 18:00

Amazon Japan

目黒区下目黒1-8-1 ARCO TOWER ANNEX

Wei Liu Mozart Petter Rendy Pranata Shaun Ward Masaaki Furuki Kai Inui avinash varma Kei Matsumoto Buyaka 小澤賢治 HsO Arda Karaduman kishikawa katsumi 梅本 暖 Motohiko Fukase Brett Gneiting + 35 more participants

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When you arrive to ARCO TOWER ANNEX, please wait in the lobby (by the security gates), and someone from Amazon will bring you up.

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This event is co-organized by Tokyo Rubyist Meetup and Tokyo iOS Meetup

At this event, we will be looking at both the server and client side of a mobile web application by showing how to develop both side of a client / server mobile application, with Ruby on Rails on the server and an iOS app as the client.

In the first session, we will look at designing an Application Programming Interface (API) in Ruby on Rails. We will show how to take a Rails application and add the API component, as well as looking at some of the best practices for designing the API.

In the second session, we will show how to set up a network connection in an iOS app to download the server content, store it, and use it in the application's user interface.

Participants will work with one or more partners to set up an application using Rails and iOS. Developers who are more experienced with Rails will be matched with developers who specialize in iOS app development. As Mac computers are necessary for iOS development, participants working on the iOS app will need to bring Mac computers. Rails development is possible on any platform, but Linux or OSX is recommended.


1:00 pm Session: Best Practices in Ruby on Rails API Development
1:30 pm Setup a Ruby on Rails API
3:00 pm Session: Connecting an iOS app to a REST API
3:30 pm Finished developing the client / server app
5:00 pm Q & A and Wrap-Up
6:00 pm Go to an Izakaya

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