Ruby in the World, and Rails in Japan

Wed, 20 Oct 2010 19:00 - 22:00

Venue Cookpad - MG白金台ビル5F 東京都港区白金台5-12-7

57 participants Huan KADO Masanori Caleb Waldemar Quevedo taka Shunsuke Osawa Shin Yamamoto Yusuke Morimoto Jouko Karvonen 六人部生馬 murahashi kenichi 五十嵐邦明 Shin-ichiro Ogawa ogijun みかみよしゆき Masayoshi Takahashi Yasushi Ando + 40 more participants

Registration for this event is closed.

¥1,000 at the door

For our second event, Akira Matsuda will do an encore presentation of "Ruby in the World, and Rails in Japan", which he originally presented at Ruby World Conference 2010. Akira is the founder of Asakusa.rb, a Rails contributor, the translator of Head First Rails, and a freelance Rails programmer. He will talk about how the Ruby and Rails ecosystems coexist, and the challenges faced particularly by Japanese developers.

As with our first event, the entrance fee will include food and your first drink. Additional drinks will be available at cost.


19:00 Doors Open
19:30 Ruby in the World, and Rails in Japan
20:00 Group discussion of presentation
20:30 Open conversation
22:00 Close