Pair Programming Session #2

Sat, 06 Jul 2013 13:00 - 20:30 JST

コワーキングスペース茅場町 Co-Edo

東京都中央区新川1-3-4 PAビル5F


We are going to do another pair programming event! The next event will be similar in format to the previous pair programming event.

Because of the limited space we are only accepting pre-payment for this event.

After the event, people who want to can join us at a local restaurant for dinner (we'll split the cost).


1:00Doors Open
1:301st Pair Programming Session
3:30Present Solutions
4:002nd Pair Programming Session
5:30Present Solutions


Will we use Ruby on Rails, or regular Ruby?

We won't use Ruby on Rails, or any related technologies. Instead, we'll solve programming challenges similar to those found at the Ruby Quiz.

The problems I've chosen are open-ended enough that Ruby beginners shouldn't be frustrated by them, while Ruby vetrans can still be challenged.

What version of Ruby is required?

Although it is possible to use an older Ruby version, we will target Ruby 2.0.0.

Are any special tools or libraries required?

The problems are solvable using only Ruby and the standard library.

The problem descriptions will be published via github, so please have git installed.

If you create a github account, you will have the opportunity to share your solutions with others.

I don't know how to install Ruby / git...

Please come to the event at 13:00 and we will try to help you.

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