Meetup at EC Navi

Wed, 24 Nov 2010 19:00 - 23:00

株式会社ECナビ 渋谷ファーストプレイス8F


松村章弘 Yasushi Ando Kiyoshi Nomo jugyo おおかゆか Kimihiko Nakamura Takanori Nakanowatari Jouko Karvonen Masato Ikeda MIKAMI Yoshiyuki a_matsuda Yves-Eric Martin Zaki Tadashi Sawada Masato Igarashi Michael Reinsch + 28 more participants

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¥1,000 at the door

Thank you to Akira Matsuda for presenting at the last meetup, and everyone else who came out to the event.

EC Navi will host our next event at their company bar, AJITO. This time, we will have a straightforward drinkup style event, with drinks provided by EC Navi.  We'll also order pizza, for which we'll collect an entrance fee like before.

AJITO also hosts shibuya.rb, which is another ruby event worth checking out. 

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