Is Deep Learning Enough? / The Abstraction Contraption Distraction Attraction

Fri, 12 May 2017 19:00 - 21:30

Shibuya Career Design Cafe

東京都渋谷区神南 1-12-16 和光ビル 5F-B


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19:00 〜 19:30 Doors open

Grab a drink and catch up with your fellow Rubyists.

19:30 〜 19:55 Is Deep Learning Enough? Qichiro Tani

As of late, the trendy phrases “Deep Learning” and “Artificial Intelligence” are being understood differently from their traditional meanings. I worry that many people think that these two technologies can somehow solve every problem. Let's take a closer look at soft computing technology outside of machine learning, and discuss the possibilities and dangers of AI technology.


Data Engineering Lead at Sora Iro Co. in Gotanda. Specialties in Knowledge Systems, Management Information Systems, Behavioral Finance, Psychophysiology, and their applications in Software Computing. Studies and experiments with how to quantify human desires and motivations, and if possible, to teach a computer to understand these things. Since moving on from academics, I've been pursuing this research as an independent researcher.

20:00 〜 20:25 The Abstraction Contraption Distraction Attraction Zach Collins

Compared to the beauty and simplicity of the ideal of computing, the reality is totally absurd. Floating point rounding instability? Stack overflows? Re-entrant problems? For every good abstraction we've ever had, there's the dangerous hacks that implement it. Where did we go wrong? Is there anything we can do that is as sane in practice as it is in theory, or is it that computing is fundamentally silly? With demonstrations in Ruby, let's laugh and cry as we watch our favorite abstractions and paradigms contort and break apart when we take them to their logical conclusions. Warning: this program features undefined software behavior, viewer discretion is advised.


Software engineer working at a funny little B2B chat startup near Gotanda station. Been writing code nearly two decades, first as an unhealthy habit, and then as a means to feed his unhealthy habits. Loves unconventional wisdom, but is unfortunately not particularly wise for it.

20:30 〜 21:30 Open Networking

Discuss the presentations or anything else Ruby related with the other attendees.


This month's event is sponsored by Sola Iro, a small (4 engineers) Gotanda based startup. We provide a B2B2C (that's a mouthful amirite?) service for traditional brick and mortar shops moving into the EC world looking for a fully integrated chat based concierge / consulting web system. We're looking for Ruby and Javascript engineers who are scrappy, fast, and have an interest in solving business facing problems (like, how do you produce accurate, convincing conversion data when customers may be directed from the website to the physical store to complete a purchase?) as well as real time work flow problems (how do you organize multiple, simultaneous customer interactions for a support operator on the same, efficient screen, without confusing them?). Come chat with Zach or 谷さん at the event to hear more!

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