Web Scraping with Capybara / Do not panic!

Thu, 06 Jul 2017 19:00 - 21:30 JST


東京都渋谷区渋谷二丁目12番19号 東建インターナショナルビル5階


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Please note that the front door will be locked from 8pm onwards, so please be sure to show up before then. If you don't make it on time, you can contact @kaiba and @trbmeetup on Twitter, or use our contact form, and we'll unlock it for you. Please note that we might take some time before we can respond.


19:00 〜 19:30 Doors open

Grab a drink and catch up with your fellow Rubyists.

19:30 〜 19:55 Web Scraping with Capybara Kazuho Yamaguchi

There's been a lot of interest in data analysis recently. However, gathering the data you want to analyze can be a difficult task. This presentation will show how you can use Capybara to scrape websites. As a specific example, it will show you how to scrape Amazon's Kindle data to organize the books you've bought, but haven't read yet.


Kazuho is a freelance Ruby on Rails developer who has frequently worked as part of international development teams. His interests include testing and data analytics, and as he's dived deeper into it he's picked up a bit of R and Python. His hobbies include music and horse riding.

20:00 〜 20:25 Do not panic! (dealing with major incidents) Sergio Arcos

Think about a time when your company experienced downtime, an intrusion, or another emergency. And maybe there was even a chance that you were responsible (at least tangentially). How did you feel, how did you react, and how did you manage the situation?

This presentation will cover several previous major incidents, offer advice for how to prepare a recovery plan, and finally describe how to identify potential risks and mitigation techniques.


Sergio is an senior software engineer with experience in security and cloud architecture. He has worked in four successful start-ups and loves to learn by teaching and sharing his experience. Catch him as the co-host of the HARAJUKU DATA LAKE podcast.

20:30 〜 21:30 Open Networking

Discuss the presentations or anything else Ruby related with the other attendees.

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