Pub/Sub Messaging / Common Sense Testing

Tue, 26 Jun 2018 19:00 - 21:30 JST


東京都渋谷区渋谷二丁目12番19号 東建インターナショナルビル5階


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19:00 〜 19:30 Doors open

Grab a drink and catch up with your fellow Rubyists.

19:30 〜 19:50 Scalable Applications with Pub/Sub Messaging Takashi Asanuma

There are many ways to build a scalable application. The best approach depends on what you are trying to achieve and what your specific circumstances are. In my case, I needed to run apps across multiple regions, and I chose pub/sub messaging. I will introduce why I made the choice and give a high level overview of the pub/sub architecture.


Takashi(@rmacchoj7) is a Ruby Developer at IDC Frontier Inc, where he's developing back-end systems for public cloud services (IaaS, PaaS and so on) with Ruby. Before that, he developed some web services with Ruby on Rails. Having enjoyed using Ruby on Rails, now he's intrigued by pure Ruby itself.

20:00 〜 20:30 Common Sense Testing Andrew Culver

In this presentation I'll be making the case that the common approach to Test-Driven Development, particularly at lower levels of the application stack, not only sucks the joy out of coding, but also increases the barrier-to-entry for new comers and ends up providing, in many cases, negative utility to the development team when compared with a focus on higher-level feature/integration/browser tests. Realizing this has lead to a major shift in my own development workflow, (including an increased ability to scale teams and delegate,) all while increasing the value I provide to my clients and customers.


Andrew Culver is the founder and lead developer of Bullet Train, the Ruby on Rails SaaS-in-a-Box. Previously he founded and sold Churn Buster and served as CTO at Borrowed & Blue.

20:30 〜 21:30 Open Networking

Discuss the presentations or anything else Ruby related with the other attendees.

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From 19:00, the main entrance of the building is locked. Please use the back entrance (裏手 in Japanese, see this picture of it).

The back entrance will be locked from 8pm onwards, so please be sure to show up before then. If you don't make it on time, you can use our contact form, and we'll unlock it for you. Please note that we might take some time before we can respond.

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