Fast JSON API - how fast is it really?

Wed, 06 Feb 2019 19:00 - 21:30 JST


東京都渋谷区渋谷二丁目12番19号 東建インターナショナルビル5階


Thanks to Scout, the Ruby application performance monitoring tool, for sponsoring this event (free food and drinks included)!

For this event, we'll be trying a new format. We'll have a presentation on a technical topic, and afterwards have an optional pair programming session where you'll have a chance to work with a partner on applying what you learn from it.


19:00 〜 19:30 Doors open

Grab a drink and catch up with your fellow Rubyists.

19:30 〜 19:55 Fast JSON API - how fast is it really? Naohiro Takahashi

Fast JSON API is a JSON:API serializer for Ruby objects created by Netflix. It claims to be 25 times faster than another JSON:API serialization library, Active Model Serializers.

In our Rails app, we used Jbuilder, the standard Rails library for generating JSON from Ruby objects. However, through monitoring our performance on Scout, we found out that some of our JSON endpoints were spending most of their time in the "view" layer. To solve this performance issue, we tried switching to FastJsonApi.

In this talk, I will show how we switched to FastJsonApi, and how much of a performance boost we actually got by switching to it.


I'm a web developer at Scout, an application performance monitoring tool for Ruby, Python and Elixir. As I do development work, I'm also doing customer success including demo for new users. Finally, my new year resolution is to reduce time on Netflix and go gym to be healthier!

20:00 〜 21:00 Ruby on Rails Pair Programming Performance Challenge

We've created a working Rails app that has some performance issues, including one similar to the issue described in the presentation. Work with an assigned partner to improve the performance of the application.

21:00 〜 22:00 Open Networking

Talk with other attendees about Ruby or anything else.

Catering Sponsor

Scout provides an APM (application performance monitoring) that helps solve memory bloat, performance abnormalities, and other issues. Our goal is to provide deep insights to developers with our intuitive user interface.

We always have the developers in mind and want to connect with you! Come hang out with our Tokyo team over food and beers! We'll also have some swag that you'd want to pick up!!!"

Venue Sponsor

PIXTA's engineers use Ruby on Rails to build their stock photo marketplace, and are looking for developers to join their team. You can learn more about what they're working on through their engineering blog.

About the Venue

From 19:00, the main entrance of the building is locked. Please use the back entrance (裏手 in Japanese, see this picture of it). The back entrance will be locked from 8pm onwards, so please be sure to show up before then.

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